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Last night I broke my brain.
I have some tabs with ~220ug of LSD on them and I finally tried one.
It was incredible.
The most beautiful trip I’ve ever had.
I sat on my bedroom floor and painted and listened to music for over half the trip. I meditated so deep into my mind. Overwhelming euphoria was sent as waves through my whole body, everything was sparkling and pulsing and I felt incredible peace and harmony with everything.
As I was painting, things just started developing. I didn’t have any idea what was i was painting but after I had about half of it done I came out of my psychedelic haze and realized I was drawing myself.
It was the most unreal discovery. The painting is about 2 feet tall and just loomed over me in its colorful glory. I couldn’t take it, I cried so much and so hard over it. Pure fuckin bliss. I love lsd.


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8 months ago